For Prospective Students


If you are inspired by the interface between physical systems (be they electronic, biological or optical) and signal processing and computation, then our lab is a good fit for you. Interdisciplinary work is very fulfilling and interesting, but it also requires more personal focus and a drive in a researcher since the work itself is inherently less focused.

Therefore, we are always looking for individuals who show academic excellence, but also maturity, passion, work ethic, and initiative. I can teach a student many things, but the initiative is not one of them! However, please do not directly contact me about admissions to Cornell ECE until you have formally applied to the program: I receive dozens of emails about this, and am simply not able to respond to them all.


We typically have 4-5 M.Eng. students doing their projects in our group, from circuit design to signal processing, to system design and testing. If you are interested in doing a significant design project in our lab, contact us before the Fall semester starts: Once classes start really ramping up, it is much harder to get a project going, and things tend to get delayed into a horrible push at the end. This also gives us a chance to do a short “trial project” to make sure there is a good fit. If you show up looking for a project on the last day before the deadline, we will not be inclined to take you on.


We typically have several undergraduate researchers in the lab, and it can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it requires a significant commitment in terms of time and energy. If you are interested in doing research in our lab, please contact us early. There should be at least a reasonable chance of your working with us for a full year or more: really worthwhile research takes that long, at least.